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Lucy G

Rebuilding a Brand From the Ground Up

Lucy G was born out of Giuliana Loglisci’s passion for jewelry, which has been a family tradition since 1899. For its attention to detail, quality, and elegance, Lucy G has become a go-to affordable luxury brand, creating wearable works of art for modern women.


Locked out of her company’s Facebook account, Giuliana Loglisci had to start growing followers for her jewelry brand, Lucy G, from zero. She came to Morphosis with four goals: to build brand awareness; increase Lucy G’s followers on Facebook and Instagram; gain friends on LINE so potential customers could arrange to see their jewelry in person; and promote their new store at Central Embassy.

Our solution

For Lucy G, we created an SEM- and SMM-focused strategy that included telling their story on FB and IG, and creating data-informed ads and organic content for Google and their social accounts. We also helped them set up a Facebook shop, a LINE account, and a Google My Business account.

Social media growth

Established a social media presence and created a long-term growth strategy

2x increase in traffic

Doubled leads and traffic to Lucy G’s various social media pages

Increased brand recognition

Enhanced brand values and storytelling to compete with other high-end brands

Our process

Whether or not you’re in the luxury industry, social media is where your customers are. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LINE are great platforms for brands to showcase the lifestyles they offer, which is why leveraging them in business strategies is crucial.

To do this for Lucy G, we first had to understand who their customers were and how they interact with their products so we could create a successful advertising strategy for them that goes beyond just captivating ad copy.

Identify competitors → Identify target audience → Create content →  Set up ad strategy → Track and analyze performance

Identifying Lucy G’s competitors and target audience

Despite being an effective marketing tactic to keep up with and surpass the efforts of others in the same industry, competitor analysis is often overlooked. We conducted a competitor analysis for Lucy G to help them recognize areas of improvement in their business strategy to give them an edge over other competitors.

Identifying Lucy G’s competitors helped us better target their audience while also saving their brand from getting lost in the noise of their competitors’ efforts. As a result, we were able to implement a content marketing strategy that strengthened their online position and boosted traffic to their social media pages.

Starting from the ground up

Facebook, Instagram, and LINE have become essential for growing brand awareness, driving profitable traffic to websites, maximizing conversions, and building an engaged audience that converts into customers. 

When Lucy G was locked out of their social media accounts and had to start from scratch, we developed SMM and SEM strategies for getting real followers fast. This included testing captions, content types, and post times to determine the most effective way to reach their audience. 

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