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The fundamentals of Instagram ads

What are Instagram ads?

An Instagram ad is a way for you to creatively advertise your products or services online while also showcasing your brand.

Creating an ad on this platform requires either a Facebook Ads account or an Instagram Business account. These can be managed through Instagram’s Ads Manager or Facebook Power Editor. 


Why work with us?

A successful Instagram advertising campaign requires a creative eye, access to strategic insights, and the time to both implement ads and monitor their progress.

We understand that many businesses lack the time and resources to launch high-performing Instagram campaigns — which is why we’re here to help.

Instagram is a data-driven platform. By working with our team, you can make sense of the data that matters most, which areas to focus on, and what will bring you the best returns.

The power of Instagram ads

Why use Instagram ads?

Since 2015, Instagram has acquired nearly a billion users, which has helped the platform double its number of advertisers in recent years.

Instagram’s diverse and expansive user base includes more than a billion accounts that are active monthly, with 500 million accounts active daily.

Our team will make sure that your ads are spent properly by targeting the audience that you most want to reach. 

Criteria we use to determine this include user locations, interests, behaviors, hobbies, and many more. These bits of information enable us to narrow down our advertising efforts to target the exact people you want to reach.


Types of Instagram advertisements

The six types of Instagram advertisements

Instagram offers a variety of ways for you to communicate with your audience. Below are just some of the ways you can use Instagram advertisements to broaden your brand’s reach online. 


1. Photo

Instagram is a platform that thrives on visuals. Sharing photos is one of the simplest ways to increase brand awareness without breaking the bank. Good photo ads use a combination of the right angles, lighting, and careful visual editing to ensure your message hits home while standing out as much as possible. 

2. Video

Clue in your audience and let them know at a glance what your brand is all about. Compared to photos, video ads can show off your brand’s key points in the first few seconds. Good video ads are short, to the point, and engaging. They also make use of editing and enhancements where needed. 

3. Collections and shopping

Instagram users inevitably create what are known as collections. These are a series of videos and images that represent something users are interested in. Collection ads function a little differently and feature a cover image or video to drive engagement before showcasing at least three products. Good collection ads use video editing and visuals to craft the right message. 

4. Explore

Let your audience stumble upon similar ads in their explore section. These ads also have a collection aspect that enables users to buy things that interest them. Explore ads are great if you want to reach people with specific tastes. 

5. Carousel 

Carousel ads are a series of images or videos arranged in a specific order to highlight a product’s features or showcase something. You can use up to 10 images or videos. Good carousel ads use a combination of video and image elements arranged according to your desired advertising outcome. Carousel ads are highly customizable and can highlight either specific product features, a developing story, or even multiple products. 

6. Story

Story ads are short video ads that highlight a moment or several moments. Good story ads get engagement through carefully chosen video placement, edits, highlights, and audio. A dynamic call-to-action moves potential buyers along the customer journey. 

Features of Instagram advertisements

How Instagram helps you grow your business 

Promote engagement through advanced CTA features 

As was said above, the calls to action in Instagram posts are dynamic and vary based on how users interact with ads. 

The way it works is that Instagram has a list of supported CTA phrases and the app’s algorithm serves particular ones in the same ad depending on how each user engages with the ad.

The CTA feature can even be placed in the comments section, giving it more visibility and keeping users interested. 

Innovative e-commerce features

Small businesses that want to make their products discoverable benefit the most from this feature.

Instagram Shoppable posts work by letting people see products featured on a post. These posts are helpfully labeled with tags so that users who want a specific product know right away what they are looking at. 

Stories also have their own powerful feature – interactive stickers. Clicking or tapping on stickers leads viewers to your account’s storefront, allowing them easy access to what they want. 

Well-made stories that combine carefully crafted visuals, clips, and strategic product placement can make a difference and keep viewer interest high.

Engage your communities

Instagram Live has enabled smaller businesses to connect with their audience. Compared to edited reels and videos, Instagram Live is all about real-time interaction.

Viewers can post their questions and receive responses right away. Think of it as a way to not only grow your brand, but also receive valuable insights from those who buy your products and services.

A key reason to use Instagram Live is to increase your discoverability. Every time you go live, your followers are notified and your broadcast is placed at the top of their feed.

This can help you gain new followers while keeping top-of-mind with current ones.


Brand and influencer collaborations 

Instagram also has a powerful tool called Brand Collabs Manager that enables brands and influencers to build relationships.
A key reason to use Brand Collabs Manager is to reach your audience through influencers’ social credibility. 

Many influencers have a large online following that can potentially become another target audience for your business, giving you insights into their wants and needs. 

Collaborating with influencers also allows you to access the other platforms that they are on, potentially giving you a new platform to expand your brand’s reach online.

Benefits of Instagram advertisements

Grow your business through Instagram

Easy ad creation

Users of Facebook Ads will find Instagram for Business similar. Both belong to the same ecosystem and provide similar tools. 

Simply connecting your account to your Facebook Ads Manager enables you to modify your ads and settings accordingly.

Organic brand-building

Grow your brand organically through your Instagram consumer base. 

Small businesses looking to tap into the platform’s massive market should also note that you do not need to pay to start growing. 

Creating a relationship with potential customers can be a natural process that doesn't need to appear forced by the use of paid advertisements.

Quality ad filters 

Instagram’s place in the Meta ecosystem gives it access to some of the most advanced advertisement filters on social media. 

Targeting your audience is simply a matter of deciding how to target them, be it by age, hobbies, or interests.

Some ways that brands can reach out to new audiences is through the following: 

  • Cold targeting

  • Retargeting

Cold targeting refers to warming up people who have never heard of your brand before but could potentially become customers if they are introduced to your brand.

Retargeting is a matter of drawing previous customers back in. People who are retargeted usually include those who have previously bough or browsed your products.

Our approach to Instagram advertisements

A data-driven approach to executing Instagram advertisements

1. Image is everything. We’ll help you build yours. 

Instagram is a visual platform. Effective Instagram ads use good-quality images, particularly those with proper lighting. Our team will ensure that your Instagram advertisements use the right imagery at the right time. 

2. The first few seconds are important. Let us help you make them count. 

Most social media users only watch the first few seconds of video advertisements. Because these moments are so crucial, our team will help you make your point right away. Some of the ways we do this are by using short clips that contain key points, your product or service, and your logo. 

3. Authenticity matters. Our team will help you stay connected. 

Instagram’s demographics are dominated by a young audience. Through extensive research and fact-checking, Morphosis will make sure that you share your authenticity with the world and keep your followers engaged with your brand. 

4. Track, measure, and optimize with Morphosis.

Tracking your ads can be overwhelming. Let us handle it for you. As a marketing consultancy firm, Morphosis will make sure that your ads are measured properly, optimized accordingly, and their progress tracked daily. We will brief you regularly to show you how to stay competitive and visible online.

Why advertise with Morphosis?

We keep up with the latest industry trends

As a digital marketing consultancy, Morphosis stays up to date with the latest industry trends, algorithm changes, and best practices to provide you with the best possible results and keep your business ahead. 

Our team will follow your set budget as we track the different parts of the customer journey, from awareness campaigns to converting your core target audience.

Meet our team

At Morphosis digital consultancy, we have a vibrant team of marketing experts to help deliver impactful results for our clients. The needs and desires of end users are at the forefront of everything we do. Let us help you grow your business. To find out more about how we can help you grow your business in the digital age, get in touch with our team today.


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