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Leverage the power of LINE's massive user base to spread the word about your business and boost your sales with personalized ads tailored to specific audiences - your potential customers.
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The power of LINE


LINE in Thailand

LINE is the third-most-popular social media platform in Thailand, directly behind Facebook and YouTube.

However, when it comes to messaging applications, LINE is at the top of the game, and its influence in Thailand is unparalleled.

Aside from being a messaging application, LINE also includes a few other features that make it unique. These include:

  • A newsfeed

  • Timelines

  • Read comics

  • Food ordering

  • Transportation booking

  • Banking

  • And more

LINE advertising is a great way for your business to market your products online and penetrate the Thai market. Here’s how we can help.


LINE as an advertising platform

What are LINE ads? 

LINE Ad Platform is an advertising platform that allows businesses to advertise on social messaging platforms. 

To advertise on LINE, you must do so through a marketing agency that is a LINE partner. This means that if marketing services aren’t among a company’s core services, it cannot become a LINE partner. 

As with Facebook Ads, you can set custom budgets and objectives for your advertisements. LINE then uses its SMART Channel algorithm to effectively target the right target audience for you.

Types of LINE advertisements

The four main types of LINE ads

LINE advertisements can be done in various ways, whether static images or videos and can be displayed in various places, such as on the LINE timeline or LINE Today


Web ads

Drive traffic to your website, increase conversions rates, and gain potential customers.

App ads

Encourage users to download and install your business’s application.

Video ads

Showcase your products for your users and build better awareness for your brand.

Friend ads

Gain friends by encouraging people to friend you on the app.

Features of LINE advertisements

LINE advertisements include a variety of features to help your business successfully reach your target audience. They select your target audience from various criteria to match the target group that your business has planned. This is divided into the following criteria:

Location targeting

Every product or service is catered to a certain category of users. Location targeting ensures your ads are directed to the right audience and address their specific needs and desires.

LINE advertisements cover every district, city, and province in Thailand. In addition, target groups can also be set to a radius of 3 – 50 km.

This personalized marketing helps spread information about offers and discounts to local audiences, helps businesses promote local marketing events, and more.

Website visitor targeting

Rather than trying to attract first-time visitors, who may or may not convert, targeting your website’s visitors puts the focus on repeat visitors, who are more likely to convert. 

LINE advertising allows you to isolate your website’s most engaged visitors while eliminating potential accidental clicks, quick abandons, and even visitors who only viewed a single page and never returned.

Create custom audiences out of users who have visited your application or website and increase your chances of converting.

Customer relationship management


Customer relationship management plays a crucial role in the growth and success of your business. It helps your business build a relationship with your customers and, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention.
Customer data can be stored simply by having your users scan a QR code or add your business on LINE, which can be used for further marketing. With the data collected, you can segment your audience and automate your efforts, which in turn helps you communicate with your audience more precisely.

Lookalike targeting

Using a lookalike audience is one of the many ways your ads can reach new people. A lookalike audience consists of people who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers. 

When your ads are displayed to people who are presumably interested in your business, your business is ensured a higher ROI and conversion rates.

Features of LINE ads

Increase your customer base, sales, and engagement

LINE advertisements can serve a vast array of business objectives. Whether you are trying to increase your brand awareness, boost sales, or retain customers, advertising on LINE makes impactful impressions that bridge the gap between you and your users.

Here are a few business objectives that you can meet with LINE advertisements:

Build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is the first step in helping you drive your performance marketing goals.

LINE advertisements help you target the right audiences for your business and increase your chances of generating conversions, thus helping you dominate the market.

When people can recognize and connect with your brand, trust in and loyalty to your brand naturally develops, which facilitates leads and sales.

Quick summary of benefits:

  • Increase website visits

  • Boost reach and frequency

  • Maximize video views

Increase your customer base

A customer base is your most loyal and engaged customers. Having a bigger customer base gives your business a better chance of reaching more people and thus expanding your base.

Through LINE, you can encourage your users to follow your brand to receive future news and promotions, which helps keep them engaged.

Quick summary of benefits:

  • Gain registrations

  • Increase downloads

  • Lower cost per customer acquisition

Boost your sales and engagements

By engaging your customers, you can help boost your product’s sales. LINE advertisements can capture data from previous interactions that will then help shape your approach to meeting your customers’ needs and goals.

Since LINE offers many ways to display advertisements and choose where they are displayed, you can ensure that you are engaging customers on all possible channels. 

Quick summary of benefits:

  • Collect user information

  • Target the right audiences

  • Increase sales

Retain your customers

LINE advertisements can also help you increase sales from existing customers by offering them fully personalized products based on collected data. 

This LINE feature makes it more effective than advertising on other ad platforms since LINE is able to help you choose the most effective places to put your ads based on your budget.

Quick summary of benefits:

  • Build relationships with customers

  • Boost your revenue

  • Host dynamic product sales


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