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LinkedIn advertising is a great addition to any company’s online marketing strategy. Leverage the many benefits that LinkedIn has to offer and unlock your business’s true potential today.
JP Morgan
JP Morgan
JP Morgan
The fundamentals of LinkedIn Ads

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads is a paid marketing tool that allows you to send various kinds of advertisements to potential customers through sponsored posts and more. 

These types of advertisements are especially powerful marketing tools for B2B companies to build leads, gain online recognition, and more.


What is LinkedIn Ads Manager?

LinkedIn Ads Manager is a tool to help create, launch, and measure the results of your ad campaigns. 


The power of LinkedIn Ads

Achieve business-related goals with online advertising

LinkedIn has over 660 million users in more than 220 countries, making it the biggest social network for professionals and businesses.

Despite not having as many users as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn advertising is able to directly and efficiently target professionals in your target industry. 

This makes it useful for companies to promote job listings, share industry-related content, and promote relevant products and services to generate quality leads.

Types of LinkedIn advertisements

The four types of LinkedIn advertisements

Sponsored content

Promote content to increase your brand’s awareness

Sponsored message

Show personalized messages to directly target individuals

Text-based ads

Lead users to relevant pages to boost conversions

Dynamic ads

Incorporate personalization to connect with users.

Features of LinkedIn advertisements

Features to help you achieve your business goals

Objective-based advertising

LinkedIn has a feature to help you streamline your ads for better lead generation and brand awareness based on your goals and objectives.

You can choose from a wide variety of objectives for your ads and LinkedIn will offer ad formats to help you achieve them.

These objectives include:

1. Awareness 

Brand awareness

2. Consideration

Website traffic


Video views

3. Conversion

Lead generation

Website conversion

Job applicants


Interest and trait targeting 

This LinkedIn feature allows you to build an audience based on their inferred interests and traits. 

These are based on how users take action and engage with various content on LinkedIn.

You have two more options for how to use this feature:

  1. Member groups: target people based on the groups they are likely to be members of a group on the platform.

  2. Member Interests: target people based on the types of content they engage with on the platform.

Forecasted results

This feature generates expected campaign performance details in real time as you choose from various campaign details you can customize on LinkedIn.

The forecasted results provide you an estimate of the following: 

  • Target audience size

  • Segments of the target audience

  • Projection spend

  • Estimates of key results 

To calculate a forecast, LinkedIn’s system analyzes a campaign's bid, budget, targeting, start/end dates, and more. 

It then considers similar campaigns and advertisers and simulates an ad auction to generate projected estimates.

Benefits of LinkedIn advertisements

Drive higher leads to your business through LinkedIn advertisements


Increase brand visibility

Build a sustainable and trusted brand for the professional market online.

Having a strong, trusted brand online can help ensure your marketing efforts see success, which means growth and development for your company. 

Just being active on LinkedIn can help increase your organic searches on Google and boost your rankings as well.

Boost the number of quality leads

Produce high-quality leads at scale with lead generation forms. 

Lead gen forms are pre-filled forms that you can attach to your LinkedIn advertising campaigns – whether you are buying sponsored content, sponsored messaging, or any other type of ad. 

LinkedIn allows users to send their professional information to you with just a few clicks, making it easy to convert people within the app.

Target professionals and leaders in your preferred industry

Compared to Facebook or Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads offer a unique advantage when it comes to targeting users. 

You can access a number of different types of information from users, such as:

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Past work experience

  • Degree

  • Professional interests

  • And more

This makes it simple to target professionals and leaders in specific industries, guaranteeing your LinkedIn ads are seen by the right people. Ensure your ads focus on the most viable candidates with industry-specific variables.

Our approach to LinkedIn advertisements

Results-driven approach to executing LinkedIn advertisements

1. Identify your ideal customer

The first step to executing successful LinkedIn ads is to learn about your business. This includes conducting in-depth research about your goals to identify your target audience for better ad personalization.

2. Write and design your ads

After identifying your ideal customer, our digital marketing team will write persuasive marketing ad copy. These ads will showcase your brand and be optimized to perform well.

3. Launch your ad campaigns

Next, we’ll launch your ad campaigns with multiple ad types in order to test which is the most successful ad format (sponsored content, message ads, or text ads). 

4. Optimize to scale your results

The final step is optimizing your LinkedIn ad campaigns. This includes A/B testing ads to determine the highest and lowest performing ads so we can plan how to maximize conversions and allocate your money to the best performing ads.


"From the 20 keywords that we targeted, we went from no ranking at all to being within the first page of Google, with 5 keywords making it to the top 3 positions. Without them, we would be nowhere."
Sopavadee Bejrajati, Club21 Club21 Thailand Division Manager

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