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Arranging a CRM Dashboard for Optimal Use

Jarvis is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) application used by professionals in the United States to facilitate transactions and manage daily operations. Jarvis is also used to run e-commerce operations.


Dashboards on e-commerce apps tend to display a lot of information, and admins can get lost in all the data. Choice Tech wanted to avoid this with Jarvis, their e-commerce customer relationship management (CRM) system. Thus, they asked Morphosis to simplify Jarvis’s dashboard and make it easy for users to find the key trends and transaction information that they’re looking for.

Our solution

After interviewing stakeholders about their experience of the original dashboard and their pain points, we created a design plan. By streamlining the UI and creating simple user flows, we uncluttered the dashboard and made it more efficient. To help agents get up to speed on the new dashboard, we also added a learning component, complete with training videos.

500+ screens designed

Redesigned Jarvis with numerous usability improvements

Complete design system

Restructured design files and created a comprehensive new design system

User behavior interviews

Interviewed key stakeholders to understand workflows and behaviors

Morphosis is the most talented design firm I know. Their passion and creativity along with attention to detail is unsurpassed. Not only do they continue to grow creatively but they also constantly stay on top of new technology and tools that keep them cutting edge. All of this makes them my #1 choice for projects I have that require the best of the best designers. Everything is custom and thought out for the customer to get the maximum benefit. This is why they remains in high demand and will continue to be.

Jason Denison, Choice Technology Solutions

Director of UX/UI


Our process

To understand Jarvis's users and how the platform affects Choice Tech’s business, we started the project by interviewing staff who handle various sections of the app. Next, we created a design plan based on information from those interviews. Our plan focused on the user experience side per the client’s request. We then asked follow-up questions to clarify Jarvis’s UX style. 

Since the company wanted their platform to be simple and efficient, we shifted our focus to this. We stripped down the UI and modified and/or replaced elements, such as buttons and images, to fit the style. Finally, we iterated sections of Jarvis based on the plan we created.


Challenges we overcame

1. Identifying priorities

Our meetings with Choice Tech were productive and gave us a lot of information to work with. However, we also needed to identify which features to prioritize. In follow-up meetings, the client clarified that they wanted the app to be efficient and simple, so we focused on that.

We concentrated on the user experience, and in particular, tidying up the dashboard. We also prioritized ease-of-use changes like decluttering the UI, as it affects the overall experience.

2. Time constraints

We needed to complete the project quickly, and thus couldn’t conduct extensive research. Therefore, we decided not to implement a full redesign, and instead only change specific sections of Jarvis. The project’s direction was also set jointly to keep a fast pace.

3. User flows

Choice Tech wanted simple, decluttered user flows and they also wanted us to figure out how to quickly train agents to use the new UI. To do this, we placed buttons where they could easily be found and created a learning section with training videos to help agents use the app.


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