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King’s College International School Bangkok

Increased Traffic and Recognition

The original King’s College School was founded in 1829 by King George IV of the United Kingdom. As a member of the elite Eton Group of schools, King’s also has branches in China, Monaco, and now Thailand.


When King’s College International School approached us, the first classes at their new Bangkok campus had just begun. Their website had also just launched and they wanted to promote their school via organic channels and social media. The goal was to raise brand awareness, compete with established international schools on search engines, and get conversions from Google traffic. 

Our solution

Our 1-year SEO campaign included a technical audit and research on keywords that King’s could compete against other international schools in Bangkok on. To maximize impact, our on-page SEO strategy included optimizing content for category pages and linking internal pages to those pages. To build trust through external backlinks, we suggested keywords for media to use in press releases so that the links used by the press and other outlets would be optimized.

10X increase in organic traffic

Organic traffic increased from 405 to 4,996 monthly visitors

94% increase in backlinks

Backlinks increased from 135 to 262

Top SEO health check

92/100 on SEMrush’s technical SEO health check

Our process

As King’s College International School Bangkok’s website was new and hadn’t previously had an SEO audit, this project called for a comprehensive approach that included technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

  • Technical SEO: Following a technical audit of the school’s website, we made changes to the technical aspects of the site and then monitored it for technical issues so that we could quickly take care of any problems that arose.

  • On-page SEO: As described below, keyword research for this project was more difficult than most. Once we chose keywords, we used them to optimize King's College's content. Another important aspect of on-page SEO is internal linking, and we also improved these.

  • Off-page SEO: Backlinks from quality websites are key to establishing trust with search engines like Google. Since King’s College’s site was new, we needed to gain backlinks from trustworthy sites to help the website rise in search rankings and therefore gain more conversions. As part of our plan, we helped revise the school's press material so that when the press and websites wrote about King's on their sites, their links to the school would have more impact. We also reached out to overlooked websites that we deemed a rich source for attracting the King's College's target audience to the site. These included websites that offer advice on international moves, which helped the school gain exposure with families moving from abroad to Thailand.



Our main challenge for this project was choosing high-value keywords that King’s College could compete on. As Bangkok has many established international schools, many of the obvious keywords were hyper-competitive. Therefore, even though the history of King’s stretches back to the 1830s in the UK, we had to get creative to choose keywords that the school could be competitive on and that parents would actually use when searching for schools.

By applying a mix of in-depth research and creativity, our SEO experts were able to find keywords that met our criteria and differentiated the school from the competition.


Prior to King’s College’s campaign with Morphosis, the school’s website saw about 4,500 monthly visitors. Since then, their traffic has increased more than ten-fold, while their backlinks increased by 94% from 135 to 262.

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