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Matara Pearl

Targeted Ads for Efficient Conversions

Matara Pearl is a Bangkok-based luxury jewelry brand sold in high-end shops around the world. Specializing in natural and cultured pearls, the brand creates beautiful contemporary jewelry with a fresh new perspective on pearls that aims to bring their timeless beauty to a new generation.


Until 2020, high-end jewelry brand Matara Pearl got most of their sales through offline marketing. However, during the pandemic they wanted to increase the conversion rate on their website and strengthen their brand awareness beyond their small target audience.

Our solution

Matara Pearl’s previous agency got them clicks, but not conversions. By analyzing their competitors, researching keywords, and optimizing their ads every three days, we launched a Google Ads campaign that doubled their online conversions within two months.

2x increase in conversions

Conversions doubled in less than 2 months

2x increase in website traffic

Drove twice as many visitors to the website

80% reduction in cost of conversion

Maximized ROI by reducing the cost per conversion

Our process

As we do for all of our clients, we began the process with research to understand Matara’s business model, their goals for the project, and the pain points and behaviors of their target audience. By clarifying these points, we could put together a tailored campaign designed to make as much impact as possible for their budget.

In this case, Matara wanted us to help them turn visitors on their website into customers. In our proposal for them, we included competitor analysis, keyword research, and frequent performance analysis, in addition to our ad services.

Among the other consultancy services we provided, we uncovered performance in their web-hosting service and suggested that they upgrade their web hosting service, which also helped increase conversions.


Challenges we faced

Matara Pearl’s position in the market as a luxury brand means that in Thailand, they have a limited market. In addition, high-end jewelry is usually sold in brick-and-mortar shops where customers can try it on. Because of this, Matara wanted to reach new audiences online and warm potential customers to the brand so they would visit a store or complete a purchase online.

As Matara Pearl's previous agency was unable to provide any data, we had to gather data from scratch, which lengthened our research process. Matara’s budget also meant that our team had to make strategic choices about where to focus our efforts.

A holistic approach

Our ads specialists created a new framework for Matara’s advertisements to help ensure that their ads would have more impact. As part of this effort, we also analyzed the competition to deconstruct their most successful ads in order to adapt winning strategies in the high-end jewelry market to Matara Pearl’s brand voice and image. And we researched keywords to that Matara's ad copy would be as effective as possible.

To make the most of our efforts, we A/B tested numerous solutions during the first three months to home in on the best possible solution. By monitoring the results of our ad campaign every three days and adjusting the timing, content, and/or audience of the ads based on performance, we were able to reduce Matara’s cost per conversion by 80 percent. This meant that their advertising budget went further and had more impact while requiring less money to gain more customers.

Average keyword position


During our campaign for Matara Pearl, their conversions and website organic traffic doubled and our shopping ads campaign on Google Ads further increased Matara Pearl’s reach online. Overall, Matara racked up 333 conversions, which was impressive for the small, niche luxury brand.

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