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Improving Healthcare for Surgeons

SurgeonMate was founded to solve real problems for real people. The company develops solutions to improve the well-being of healthcare professionals by providing them with a platform and tools to make their lives easier.


SurgeonMate wanted to build mobile and desktop versions of its website for healthcare professionals. Their aim was to create a personal library for surgeons. They wanted users to be able to add patients, create cases, and upload media to a database management platform, as well as search, favorite, and filter patient info.

Our solution

Working in sprints, we created multiple wireframes and gathered feedback from SurgeonMate before building the final product. The result is an attractive, user-friendly progressive web app (PWA) that looks and acts like a mobile app. Highlights include a software-based patient data management system and a streaming service where surgeons can stream surgeries and seminars. 

Numerous wireframes created

By visualizing the navigation, we were able to push usability to the forefront

Curation of a user-friendly PWA

We aimed to provide users with the most accessible app possible

Proof of concept for a streaming service

We diagnosed and determined limitations and evaluated the feasibility of streaming


Our process

SurgeonMate asked us to help them build mobile and desktop versions of their website to help improve the lives of healthcare professionals. The aim of the project was to create a progressive web app (PWA), or a website that looks and behaves as if it were a mobile app.

“PWAs use progressive enhancement to load the most important content first, then add presentational and functional extras as required, meaning that all your users get the same core experience as quickly as possible.” - Creative Bloq

Wireframing  → UX/UI sprints → Backend development → Frontend development 



1. Creating a streaming service

One of SurgeonMate’s ideas was to create a streaming service to record and monitor surgical procedures to give surgeons the opportunity to learn from the best medical specialists regardless of location. The idea was to not only create a library of procedures, but also enable live coaching sessions around the world.

We created a proof of concept for SurgeonMate’s streaming service. This was significant because it ensured the feasibility of the idea and helped verify concepts and theories to guarantee it would work. Ensuring a proof of concept includes defining success criteria, estimating the effort involved, defining the project scope, and more.

2. Building a team library

SurgeonMate also wanted us to create a team library to help build a community of healthcare professionals who value education and learning. As a practical basis for the library, we added cloud storage, two-factor authentication, and a confidential mode. The result is a budget-conscious approach to shared knowledge and resource management. 

In sum, we helped build a software-based patient data management system for surgeons where users are able to register and upload patient data and add diagnoses and media related to procedures. Patient data can easily be viewed in a clean, manageable format. We also provided SurgeonMate with import and export data functions to save surgeons time.


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