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Whale Print Shop

Driving Conversions With SEM and SMM

Whale Print Shop provides comprehensive, high-quality printing services at affordable prices. Their services range from printing business cards and brochures to producing flyers, leaflets, posters, and more, all of which are delivered to customers’ doors.


For online print shop Whale Print, their biggest challenge is making social media users aware of their business and driving them to LINE so that potential customers can ask questions and buy services. The shop’s previous agency wasn’t able to help them do this, though, so Whale Print came to us to capture leads, increase engagement on Facebook, and drive their audience to LINE.

Our solution

To help Whale Print grow their revenue, we offered consultation and guidance on the technical aspects of social media marketing (SEM) and search engine marketing (SMM). We set up conversion tracking and created a heat map to spot trends and strategize to get more conversions. On Google, we ran ad campaigns and display campaigns. On Facebook, we analyzed posts to understand why users take action, so we refine their social media content and increase engagement. And on LINE, we increased their friends and increased conversions. As a result, Whale Print reached over 17,000 followers and increased their net revenue in 10 months.

Massive increase in conversions

Generated 38,000+ leads for their business

10X increase in website traffic

Increased average monthly traffic 10X in 1 year

1,073.5% increase in LINE friends

Grew their LINE friends from 1,498 to 17,000+

Our process

Whale Print Shop needed to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and acquire more leads to increase sales. To accomplish this, we created a robust plan that included a social media and search engine marketing campaign.

Analyzing competitors → Creating content strategy → Launching ads→ Tracking and analyzing performance

We started with competitor analysis to determine the business strategy of Whale Print Shop’s competitors and any gaps in the market. From there, we were able to create a content strategy and launch ads that we continuously tracked and analyzed so we could fine-tune our efforts.

Starting from the ground up

Whale Print wasn’t able to obtain any reports from their previous agency, so they couldn’t pass on much data along to us. This meant that we weren’t able to learn from past campaigns and had to rely on our competitive analysis and our experience and expertise as a starting point for figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

Since the purpose of Whale Print Shop’s SEM and SMM campaigns was to help them grow their following, we tested out captions, content types, and post times to determine the most effective way to reach their audience. 

Penetrating a new market 

One of the most important aspects of our work with Whale Print was helping them with LINE When it comes to messaging applications, LINE’s influence in Thailand is unparalleled. By adopting LINE as an advertising platform for Whale Print Shop, we were able to use features such as location targeting, website visitor targeting, lookalike targeting, and customer relationship management. This helped us increase the shop’s customer base and engagement. It also led to more customers asking questions, which helped build trust and ultimately led to more sales.

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