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Morphosis Holdings

We’ve rebranded!

Published on 24 Jun 2022 in

We are excited to announce that we’ve refreshed our branding to better reflect who we are and what we do. 

Why change?

From our launch in 2010, we’ve grown from a freelance UX/UI service into Southeast Asia’s leading digital agency. We now have more than 200 experts in services spanning product design, UX research, product development, digital marketing, and SEO, in addition to our original UX/UI offerings.

As such, it was time to update our branding to better reflect what we’ve become. And actually, change is part of our DNA — the word “morphosis” refers to the transformations an organism makes over its lifecycle.

Goals and inspiration

As a company, we aim to create impactful digital products with a human-centric approach that stays true to our design-first philosophy.

Through our structure and services have changed over the years, our core vision remains the same. For us, design is a way to solve business goals, and we continue to provide bespoke services to identify and develop digital solutions that have a direct impact on our customers’ bottom line.


Passion, emotion, and what we stand for

Design is a way of solving business problems, and it also breathes life into a brand. Our design aims to communicate who we are — helpful, human, innovative, vigilant, courageous — and show our emotion and passion for our work and our customers.

The way we communicate this is through the aesthetics of subtraction. We take minimalism and Japanese art as inspiration and pare down complex ideas and emotions to their essence. The result is a fresh visual language that supports our brand and our messaging. 

Emotional building blocks

In its purest form, abstraction breaks down into the simple shapes we use to communicate with. 

The circle is the most human of shapes and conveys emotions. The square communicates structure and logic and represents things like code or frameworks. The diamond symbolizes choices and transition; it highlights Morphosis’ continuous growth and change. The triangle represents strategy, focus, and direction. 

Bold, modern colors

Over the years, we’ve used a number of colors to represent our identity. Initially, our primary color was green. From there, we embraced purple. Now, we’re using raspberry. This powerful, modern color symbolizes our aim to make a strong impact on our clients’ business.

Complementing raspberry is the whimsically named Special Juice, Silver Foil, and Darth Vader.

A transformative logo

From these simple shapes and colors comes our new logo. True to our name — “morphosis” refers to the transformations an organism makes over its lifecycle – our logo is forged out of a square that has morphed into an “M.” Always changing, the M is capable of further transforming into any shape needed. 

Our logo is malleable and flexible, yet strong and bold. It represents the transformative journey our business has taken over the years.


As a design and tech consultancy, we are simultaneously modern and traditional. The combination of Lora and Circular fonts delivers both of these qualities in one. These fonts are straightforward, modern, progressive, elegant, traditional, and conservative — just as we strive to be.


Plans for the future, Beyond UX/UI

As far as we’ve come, we aim to go further. The design remains at our center, but we also continue to expand our services so that we can provide end-to-end services from UX research and product development to digital marketing and beyond.

A transformative new chapter

We’re ready to continue our journey from a solution provider to a holistic digital consultancy.

To that end, we continue to attract top talent, grow our in-house experts, and continue to strengthen our core services.

What does this mean for our clients

Our rebrand is much more than a fresh coat of paint. Transforming from agency to consultancy enables us to go beyond giving our customers what they ask for. Clients can now expect our team of experts to offer data-driven advice to create the best possible products for their end-users.

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