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Making Streaming Seamless

TrueID Thailand is a digital ecosystem comprising of a variety of entertainment offerings, a social media platform, news, and other products and services.


TrueID Thailand wanted to enhance the capacity of their video-on-demand service for Indonesia and the Philippines and expand their platform to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. They also wanted a vendor who could provide them with UX/UI designers to augment their design team on an ongoing basis.

Our solution

We hosted stakeholder workshops and conducted research before designing a user-friendly mobile interface that elevated the user experience of TrueID’s application. Then, we worked closely with their developers to make sure our designs were perfectly implemented.

1,000+ new screens

Designed and improved the international mobile web app

Full design system

Increased the pace of creation and innovation of TrueID’s development teams

Support for four languages

Language support for English, Khmer, Burmese, and Vietnamese


Our process

The process of redesigning the interface for TrueID’s international streaming service app started with learning the company’s branding and style guidelines. This ensured that our design choices would be on brand. With a firm grasp of TrueID's branding, we conducted stakeholder workshops, research, and analysis, and finally proposed solutions for each main domain.

During the subsequent development phase, we worked closely with developers, adapting to their Scrum processes and providing them with support during automation and QA testing to ensure our designs were properly implemented.

Stakeholder workshops → Research and analysis → Proposed solutions



Challenges we overcame

1. Optimizing user journeys

After the minimum viable product (MVP) version of the mobile app launched, we worked with stakeholders to continuously enhance journeys and features based on data and analytical insights from the TrueID team. As of May 2022, we have worked to enhance or create the following services, features, and journeys:

  • Five main domains

  • A reward system

  • A social media platform

  • An audio streaming service

  • An integrated shopping platform

  • A cloud storage system

  • And more

2. Helping guide their branding direction

TrueID also asked us to design a complete, well-organized design system. Eventually, we established navigation patterns and created a style guide to help drive the business and make the experience as seamless as possible for MVP versions of the mobile app and website.

Our partnership with TrueID is ongoing, and after more than a year working together and 1,000+ screens designed, we look forward to continue supporting them for the long term.




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